Job Openings & Training

PRINZ TECHNIK currently has the following job openings and training places:

  • No job openings at the moment
  • Several apprenticeships in the areas of industrial mechanics, construction mechanics and mechatronics engineer (further training profile information and contact person see „job profiles“)

If the job openings do not correspond to your profile or if there are no current job vacancies, please send your unsolicited application to PRINZ TECHNIK.

In general, PRINZ TECHNIK offers experienced welders the opportunity to apply for a permanent employment at it site in Schwerin.

Contact for application:

Prinz Technik Hydraulik Schwerin GmbH
Frau Evelyn Assmann 
Werkstraße 4
19061 Schwerin
Tel. 0385 644 89 375
Gerne per Mail an:

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