PRINZ TECHNIK Hydraulik Schwerin GmbH with offices in Schwerin is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hydraulik Nord GmbH Group ( 

The company is engaged in the construction of plant and machinery and its core competencies focus on the following sectors:

  • Engineering & Projektierung
  • Stahl- und Behälterbau
  • Maritime Technik
  • Montage und Service

Over the past few years, PRINZ TECHNIK has built up a broad customer base comprising major enterprises from the metal production and processing, mechanical engineering, marine engineering and automotive sectors.

Overall, around 70 highly specialized and skilled employees ensure the high quality of PRINZ TECHNIK’s products and services.

Their many years of experience and extensive skills mean that PRINZ TECHNIK is able to offer solutions which are flexibly and perfectly tailored to meet each customer’s requirements.